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About Us

Nick Watson Insurance Agency is committed to providing clients in Portland and throughout Oregon with the highest quality insurance plans available combined with some of the lowest rates available. Whether you’re shopping for auto insurance, home insurance or business insurance, we can help get you the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible.

Agency Principals, Nick & Judy Watson

Nick, an insurance agent and entrepeneur, was born in Liverpool, England. He started his insurance career after being brought to Oregon by his wife Judy, who is a Portland Oregon native. The rumor is that she received some kind of a bonus. Over the last 30 years, Nick has succeeded in making his agency one of the larger commercial insurance agencies in the Portland Metro area, specializing in restaurants, bars and workers comp'. Nick and Judy make a good team, as he likes to sell , and she doesn't. Someone has to do the books! Judy also enjoys running, and has a sub 3 hour marathon under her belt. Her real passion is her horses and Nick's passion is paying for them.

Agency Relevance Acc't Rep' - Heidi Lessick

Heidi is the most polite member of our team. She is married to Chris,and has 2 beautiful children. Heidi and Chris own NW Whitewater Adventures, and spend many hours on our beautiful Oregon rivers. They will be happy to risk your life anytime! Just call.

Agency Relevance Bookkeeper - Judy Watson

Judy is a native Oregonian and avid equestrian. She is very fortunate to be Nick's wife. They met and married in Sausalito California, and then proceeded to live in various states, moving from one adventure to another, until finally settling with their 3 sons in her home state of Oregon. She has been Nick's soul mate and fellow entrepeneur forever.

Axl The Security Dog

All visitors to our office are greeted by our valued security dog and his BALL!

Chika, Assistant Security Dog

Chika, a recent addition to our staff, is in training with Axl as his assistant Security Dog. So far she has not been allowed to greet customers with a ball but sometimes Axl has let her look at the ball.

Dudley, Office Flunky

Dudley is a valued member of our office staff, in charge of announcing the opening of any door.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot was born a poor blackbird, until he heard his first Barry Manilow record. Also lets our security dogs know when he thinks something out the window is not as it should be. Axl & Chika can rush outside, to stand around, looking around at absoutely nothing.

Mini Me, Office Manager

Mini Me, our office manager, is in charge of all the 4 legged staff and some of the 2 legged staff, except those of the feathered persuasion.

Nick & Judy dressing up as hippies!

Nick (before he gave up smoking) and Judy in the early days!

Sparky, Emergency Back Up Security Dog In Training

Just in case the #1 Security Dog In Training was asleep on the job, we hired Sparky.

The Office Mouse

Our Office mouse is a recent addition to our four legged staff. We first noticed his arrival when our printer had issues. We then noticed various empty seed shells in the paper tray! It seems that our office bird is less picky about rodents coming into his cage than the canine staff staring at him.

Zigi, Security Dog in Training

We just needed an additional security dog, so we added Zigi to manage the hordes of clients wanting our insurance policies.